Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rhianna Reviews: Pantone App

I few months ago, I found the Pantone app in my app store.  Being a graphic designer, the app appealed to me.  The expensive price tag stopped me from downloading it.   It was $7.99 and I thought it would be a little silly to pay that much for an app, being apps are usually only 99 cents.  

About a month ago, I received a $25 gift certificate for my app store, so I figured this was the perfect time to try out a few apps that I have been too stingy to try out.  This first app on my list was the Pantone app. 

This is the features that I found on the app:

When you first open it, you can pick any color group and see it as a fan deck.  

Then you can open the fan deck to see the individual colors along with their Pantone number. 

You can then upload a pic you take with your device or one that you have already saved.  From that picture, it will pull the most dominate colors from and find the Pantone color number.  You can also swipe over the picture to pick another color that you would want the Pantone number. 

Then with that swatch you can find other similar shades and harmony colors.  

I thought it was a pretty neat app, but I found to have no use for it on my phone and probably would not use it on my tablet.   All my graphic designing is done on a desktop and I don’t know how I would incorporate this with my work while it still being convenient. There are enough websites that I could use while working on my desktop that would be more convenient for me.   There is also a possibility that I might not be utilizing all the features of this app (I could just be stupid).

This app could be useful if you need the Pantone color of something that you physically have.  That way you can snap a pic with your phone and then find the pantone number.  Maybe decorators or someone with that sort of profession might find it useful.